How to Create Flyers, Invitations, Videos and More with Generative AI

Connor Forbes
Connor Forbes
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Generative Ai image using the prompt “mountain landscape in the swiss alps with tiny cottage, lake, and river” created with Adobe InDesign

Generative AI

Whether it’s designing an e-invitation for a baby shower, trimming down your marketing video, or creating a social media post to share with friends and followers, you’re likely creating content for work and personal reasons on a regular basis. Now, thanks to an emerging technology called generative AI (or GenAI), — a type of artificial intelligence that can perform all kinds of jobs from simple text prompts — it’s easy for anyone to create professional-looking content.

“There’s never been a more exciting time to create. We’re living in a world where anyone can make stand-out content at the speed of their imagination simply by describing it in a few words,” said Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, Adobe.

While generative AI is still new, services like ChatGPT are already helping millions find new and valuable ways to use it.

For example, one of the top ways people are using generative AI is creating and editing content, according to a new study published in “Harvard Business Review.”

Adobe Express, the free all-in-one AI content creation app and ChatGPT have teamed up to make it easy to start making pro-quality content – even if you have little or no design experience. All you need to get started is an idea and your own words.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus user, you can go to “Explore GPTs” and click on “Adobe Express GPT” to open the application. From there, describe what you want to create – an invitation to a birthday party, an Instagram Reel, a flyer for a garage sale, or a logo for your small business – and how you want it to look – modern, colorful or formal.

The Adobe Express GPT will then search among more than 200,000 templates designed by professional artists and respond with a collection that matches your search – making it fast, fun and easy to get started.

If you want to see more ideas, you can refine your search by typing in more details about what you want. When you see a template you like, just click on it and it will open in Adobe Express to easily add your personal touches.

If you aren’t a ChatGPT Plus user – you can go straight to Adobe Express by visiting to start creating content today.

You can choose from thousands of stock photos, images, videos, and music clips – as well as fonts – to help your content stand out from the crowd.

Generative AI features allow you to do things that only professionals were once able to do. With Text to Image, you can just describe the image you want to create. For example, type in: “beautiful cake decorated with light pink frosting, confetti,” and the generative AI will return several options for an image for a birthday invitation.

With Generative Fill, you can remove, add or replace objects and backgrounds – it’s even great if you need to remove a stranger who accidentally made it in the background of a family photo.

Technology is also making it easy for everyone to create video content. With tools like Adobe Express, you can trim, resize, merge, and crop your family holiday videos with just a few clicks, or choose professional video footage to create a short social ad to drum up business for your side gig.

Like all new technologies, generative AI has a lot of benefits – and some things to watch out for. So, take time to check out how these new tools were created. All Adobe generative AI is designed in alignment with the company’s AI ethics principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency, and its creative generative AI model, Firefly, was built to be commercially safe and respect artists’ rights.

With the right tools and a few good ideas, anyone can create beautiful stand-out content with generative AI – all you do to get started is type a simple request. (StatePoint) 

Generative AI
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