Inland Empire Earthquake – Magnitude 4.2 Earthquake Strikes in San Bernardino

Connor Forbes
Connor Forbes
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Inland Empire Earthquake

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – A magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck about a mile west of San Bernardino at 7:43 p.m. Wednesday evening and was felt across a wide swath of the Southland, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel surveyed the city by land, air and water and found no significant infrastructure damage or injuries, the department’s Brian Humphrey said.

The earthquake was reported as being felt as far north as the Antelope Valley, as far east as Indio and along the coast from the U.S-Mexico border to Malibu.

A resident of Burbank, about 65 miles from San Bernardino, told City News Service he “felt it ever so slightly … more a noise than a vibration.”

Southland earthquake expert Lucy Jones wrote on X that the “location is pretty deep (15 km), very close to the San Jacinto fault. That part of the fault is generally locked — it had a M7 in the 19th century. We often see small quakes like this below locked segments.”

This is the second magnitude 4.2 earthquake to strike in the San Bernardino area in 20 days. The first struck near Lytle Creek, a small remote community about 16 miles northwest of downtown San Bernardino, Jan. 5.

“The two quakes are probably on the same fault, but they are far enough apart in both time and space to not have an obvious correlation,” Jones tweeted.

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Inland Empire Earthquake
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