PSP Conducts Emergency Drills Preparing for Potential Emergencies

Connor Forbes
Connor Forbes
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Palm Springs International Airport

PSP Conducts Emergency Drills

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said in a time when only birds cruised the skies. It’s a sound philosophy to apply today, when 2.9 million passengers on 45-thousand daily commercial flights ascend from and descend to 52 hundred American airports. 

On Wednesday, Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) put preparation into action, staging comprehensive emergency drills based on a hypothetical life-threatening scenario.

The simulated scenario depicted an aircraft encountering an engine failure shortly after takeoff. Upon returning, the aircraft faced a challenging tailwind, resulting in a hard landing that caused extensive damage to the aircraft fuselage.

This staged emergency was designed specifically to test the coordinated response efforts of PSP and its mutual aid partners, including the city’s emergency management teams, fire and police departments, and medical response units.

“Today’s successful exercise is a testament to the hard work and preparation by our teams and partners,” PSP Executive Director of Aviation Harry Barrett said. “Any opportunity to train in a controlled environment for a real aircraft emergency ensures we are as prepared as possible. Our top priority remains the safety and security of all individuals at our facilities.”

PSP’s safety drills occur every three years, as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

”This drill is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive, going above what is required by the FAA to engage all facets of the airport’s operation,” PSP spokesman Jake Ingrassia said.

Owned and operated by the City of Palm Springs, PSP served 3.2 million passengers last year, flying a dozen different airlines, with direct in-season non-stop service to 30 U.S. and Canadian cities. 

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