5 Personalized Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Connor Forbes
Connor Forbes
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Are you ready to celebrate Galentine’s Day on February 13? Originating from a 2010 episode of the popular TV show, “Parks and Recreation,” Galentine’s Day celebrates some of the most important relationships in our lives: our girlfriends. Over a decade later, the now-official holiday has skyrocketed in popularity. Here are tips on celebrating your gal pals with personalized touches.

1. Batch of Baked Goods. Food is the way to most anyone’s heart, especially when its homemade. Test a new recipe of your gal pal’s favorite dessert; or decorate cakes, cookies or cupcakes with icing in her favorite colors. No matter what you make, the extra effort will show just how much you care.

2. Creative Customized Cards. Everyone knows that gals love a sappy, pull-on-your-heartstrings letter or card. And you can up your card-sending game with a more personalized approach that resonates with the recipient. With the continued evolution of digital greetings, SmashUps and Creatacard from American Greetings have made it easier than ever to create a card just as special and unique as your individual friendships.

Specific friendship-themed ecards include creative options like talking animals or tacos, messages from celebrities, animated folded digital greetings celebrating your “girl gang” and more! They’re sure to entertain, surprise and delight your friends.

SmashUps are smile-inducing, shareable videos that can be highly personalized in a variety of ways, including adding their name or a message into the audio and graphics. With Creatacard, users can replicate the best parts of the offline card-sending experience without the hassle of printing, addressing and postage. In a few easy steps, you can create, personalize and sign your favorite digital cards, then send them to your girlfriends in their preferred way of receiving messages, such as email, text, through a messaging app or social post. Or, print your card from home if the moment calls for that. For that little extra something special, you can even add a gift card.

3. BYOB – Build Your Own Brunch. Brunch is all about spending time together, catching up on life, laughing until your stomach hurts…and of course the plentiful food and drinks. Hosting your Galentine’s Day brunch at home can make for a more cost-effective and customized experience—no reservations required! Make it interesting (and easier for the host) by asking each gal to bring her favorite brunch dish or drink to share, or by prepping and cooking dishes together, all while toasting with a festive mimosa, Bloody Mary or unique mocktail.

4. Mixology with a Twist. If your group of gals is more of an evening crowd, request that each friend brings her own batch of cocktails or mocktails and a snack that follow a given theme. Whether it’s an era (Roaring 20s), a hit movie, a popular show, or one that draws from personal experience, like the “represent your ex” trend on TikTok, the more festive the theme, the more fun the party. You can even tie it all together with an activity, like spa treatments or game night, or dress the part as well.

5. Get Posh with Polaroids. Whatever you choose for you Galentine’s get-together, be sure to capture the moment. And while we love selfies and Insta pics, Polaroids can make cute and creative keepsakes. Whether you’re at home or out on the town, the charming aesthetic and instant gratification of seeing your photo masterpiece is bound to make everyone smile.

While Galentine’s Day started with fictional characters eating waffles at brunch, there are so many personal, intimate ways to celebrate the very real friendships in your life and create long-lasting memories. (StatePoint)

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