Lake Elsinore Algae – Elsinore Officials to Inaugurate Project to Eradicate Algae from Lake

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Lake Elsinore Algae

LAKE ELSINORE (CNS) – Officials from Lake Elsinore Friday will formally inaugurate the start of a $2 million project to eradicate algae growth in the 3,300-acre lake, where blooms have led to numerous emergency closures over the years, by utilizing a system that breathes new life into the stagnant water.

“This transformative project is a testament to our dedication to creating progressive and sustainable change for the betterment of the Lake Elsinore community,” Mayor Steve Manos said.

Municipal representatives will join staff from Hawthorne-based Moleaer Inc. to present the new Nanobubble Generators system, which will involve deploying two industrial-strength Titan NB6 nanobubble circulation units on a floating barge, which will be anchored in Lake Elsinore.

The system will treat 2,400 gallons of water per minute, according to Moleaer CEO Nick Dyner.

He, the mayor and others are slated to describe the process and provide an up-close examination of the units during a briefing at the Launch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park.

“Nanobubble technology is unlike any other surface water treatment previously used in Lake Elsinore because it addresses the root cause of the lake’s problems,” Dyner said. “Nanobubbles are extremely efficient at transferring oxygen into the water, which decreases the amount of phosphorus released from the bottom of the lake and reduces harmful algae blooms.”

According to Dyner, the generators inject nanobubbles that are 2,500 times compacter than grains of sand and contain a “charged surface,” which in algae-riddled water agitates sediment and disperses contaminants, without need of chemicals.

Manos said the technology, which is part of a $2 million restoration effort initiated by the Lake Elsinore City Council, “is helping us take a significant step forward in our commitment to revitalize and preserve the natural beauty of Lake Elsinore for generations to come.”

“We look forward to working with Moleaer on this endeavor, which we believe ultimately will be a showcase for effectively treating algae-impaired lakes across the U.S.,” the mayor said.

He noted that the system is central to the overall Lake Management Plan seeking to ensure long-term ecological balance in the freshwater lake — the largest body of its kind in the region.

Algae blooms have prompted “no swimming” restrictions and prohibitions on other recreational uses at the lake numerous times, typically during the spring and summer months.

The blooms can pose health hazards.

“Moleaer has deployed 2,400-plus nanobubble generator installations in over 52 countries across a variety of applications, including the one being installed at Lake Elsinore,” according to a company statement.

Dyner expressed optimism about the new project, saying the objective is “to improve the quality of this historic and vital lake in Southern California.”

Lake Elsinore Algae
European Space Agency

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