Super Bowl Patrols – Kick Off Super Bowl LVIII with a Go Safely Game Plan

Connor Forbes
Connor Forbes
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Super Bowl Patrols

Anti-DUI Saturation Patrols Planned Countywide 

CORONA – Super Bowl celebrants planning to consume alcohol or use recreational drugs before, during or after the big game this weekend should stay off Riverside County roads unless they’re sober, or they may face serious consequences, authorities said Wednesday.

Saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints are scheduled around Super Bowl 58, pitting the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers.

“Let’s make sure Super Bowl Sunday is remembered for great plays on the field, nor for unnecessary risks on the road,” Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Bracey said. “Before you grab a drink, plan ahead for a sober designated driver. Choosing a safer way to go is a win-win for everyone.”

Sheriff’s operations are planned in Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, Perris, Wildomar and other locations.

“The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reminds the public that alcohol is not the only substance that impairs,” according to a sheriff’s statement. “Marijuana, prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs may also impair your ability to drive safely.”

The California Highway Patrol will also step up enforcement efforts to nab DUI suspects.

Public safety officials offered the following tips to people planning to host Super Bowl parties:

— ensure guests have a designated driver or can arrange for ride-sharing;

— serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the party;

— stop serving alcohol before the end of the game’s third quarter; and

— take the keys away from guests showing signs of impairment, then call them a cab or arrange for transportation via Lyft, Uber or other services.

Under state law, anyone with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher is considered impaired.

Authorities said penalties for anyone convicted of a DUI offense can include suspension or revocation of driving privileges, steep fines, jail time and prison if there are injuries involved.

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Superbowl Patrols
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